Human Nutrition Enzymes

An Enzyme is a protein that catalyzes or speeds up the biochemical reaction of breaking down substances into smaller, or more digestible, forms. Enzymes can be extracted from Plant and Animal source raw material, as well as through the fermentation of Microbial or Fungal cultures. Animal Derived Enzymes consist of Pancreatin (containing Protease, Amylase and Lipase) and Pepsin (Acid Stable Protease) enzymes which are primarily used in the Human Nutrition industries as a digestive aide. American Laboratories, Inc. offers two types of Plant Enzymes, Bromelain and Papain, which are Protease Enzymes derived from Pineapples and Papaya respectively. Fungal Enzymes are produced via fermentation and are very specific in function and pH/temperature range and can be combined at customized Enzymatic levels to fit the needs of a specific function. Enzymes are used in Digestive Health Supplements to break food nutrients down to ease digestion and absorption of bioavailable micro-nutrients for use within the body. Enzymes contribute to systemic health by influencing and aiding multiple body functions including, but not limited to: muscle soreness, digestion (reducing bloat and cramping), immune support and gluten and dairy intolerance.