Job: Dry Side Technician

Title Dry Side Technician
Categories Production
Location B36
Job Information

The responsibilities of the DRY area production employee may include:
 Working in the manufacturing facility or production group assigned by supervision or management.
 Shipping, receiving or transferring of products, materials or components to be used, stored or sold by American Laboratories
 Assembly, operation and cleaning of process equipment which may include: granulators, delumpers, Fitzmills, ball mills, sifters,
blenders and any other equipment used in manufacturing processes.
 Operation of test equipment such as pH meters.
 Maintaining of work areas in neat and orderly fashion.
 Maintaining equipment (minor repairs).
 Follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).
 Assist Plant Supervisor, Production Supervisor, Production Staff and Quality Assurance in troubleshooting and determining root
cause of process deviations.
 Assist Technical Services on process improvement and product development projects as assigned by supervisor.
 Follow Safety SOPs and provide recommendations to the Safety Committee when appropriate.
 Request repairs to equipment to supervisors and/or maintenance as needed.
 Other duties as assigned by the Production Supervisor or management.
Physical requirements may include: working with enzyme products; occasionally rolling or moving drums weighing from 50 – 350 lbs,
and lifting drums weighing up to 120 lbs; using material handling equipment such as barrel carts, dollies, pallet jacks and forklifts;
bending, twisting and lifting material out of drums and boxes; working with and handling Hazardous Chemicals.
 May have little experience working within American Laboratories Inc., or other cGMP facilities and will learn the production processes,
equipment and documentation procedures on the job. Learning is typically working with experienced technicians and/or production
 Understanding and ability to perform basic math.
 Read and understand written instructions. Write legibly.
 High School Diploma preferred, or the ability to competently perform processing procedure

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