American Laboratories Employee Promotions

Alyssa Stubbs Quality Engineer Supervisor
Amanda Brown Global Sales Manager
Aric Aasgaard Manager of Information Technology
Austin Soejoto Director of Project Management
Brian Galloway Director of Information Technology
Coby Schroeder Maintenance Lead B10
Cory Soejoto Global Sales Manager
Jamie Deloske Sales Operations Manager
Jim McFayden Director of Production
John Neumann Maintenance Manager
John Schneider VP-Engineering
Kent Au Production Manager
Larry Henry Production Manager
Lori Loucks Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor
Marissa Ridenour HR/Administration Supervisor
Marsha Hoffman Quality Assurance Document Supervisor
Matt Costanzo Director of Regulatory Affairs
Nathan Wecker Quality Production Supervisor
Steve Whetstone Maintenance Foreman
Tim Wright Quality Assurance Manager
Tom Arnt Spray Dryer Supervisor
Tom Hall Director of Administration
Tom Yost Plant Manager