ALI VP Serves on 2nd USP Panel

American Laboratories, Inc. Vice President Selected to Serve on a Second USP Expert Panel

Thomas Langdon, Vice President of Quality Assurance and 21 year veteran at American Laboratories, Inc. (ALI), Omaha, NE, has been selected by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) to serve on the Use of Enzymes in the Dissolution Testing of Gelatin Capsules Expert Panel, formed in late 2011. Langdon’s membership on this new panel, is in addition to his continuous work since March 2008 on the Pharmaceutical Enzymatic Preparations Expert Panel.

Expert Panels are formed to supplement the knowledge of the Expert Committees which, along with the USP Council of Experts, are responsible for setting the specific USP standards for medicines, foods and dietary supplements that appear in the United States Pharmacopeia and the National Formulary (USP–NF), the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC); as well as other related publications.

The Use of Enzymes in the Dissolution Testing of Gelatin Capsules Expert Panel serves a primary purpose of revising the Dissolution chapter 711 of the United States Pharmacopeia. Langdon was specifically selected for this panel to provide insight on how enzymes can assist in dissolution testing.

The Pharmaceutical Enzymatic Preparations Expert Panel that Langdon has served on for the past four years was developed to assist in the revision of the monographs for Pancreatin and Pancrelipase in addition to other enzymes. Furthermore, Langdon was chosen as a workshop presenter on Pepsin Method and Unit Harmonization in 2009. For more information on that initiative and presentation, contact ALI at

American Laboratories, Inc. has been working with the USP for several years, beginning as a collaborative testing laboratory for enzyme Reference Standard (RS) candidates.  American Laboratories has also donated bulk materials to USP for replacement of established Reference Standards, new Reference Standards and enzyme testing substrate materials.  ALI’s work with USP has also included review and comment on test and monograph revisions while ALI chemists work with the USP laboratory staff on enzyme testing in the ALI laboratories as well as at USP.