Alyssa Stubbs Quality Engineer Supervisor
Amanda Brown Global Sales Manager
Aric Aasgaard Manager of Information Technology
Austin Soejoto Director of Project Management
Brian Galloway Director of Information Technology
Coby Schroeder Maintenance Lead B10
Cory Soejoto Global Sales Manager
Jamie Deloske Sales Operations Manager
Jim McFayden Director of Production
John Neumann Maintenance Manager
John Schneider VP-Engineering
Kent Au Production Manager
Larry Henry Production Manager
Lori Loucks Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor
Marissa Ridenour HR/Administration Supervisor
Marsha Hoffman Quality Assurance Document Supervisor
Matt Costanzo Director of Regulatory Affairs
Nathan Wecker Quality Production Supervisor
Steve Whetstone Maintenance Foreman
Tim Wright Quality Assurance Manager
Tom Arnt Spray Dryer Supervisor
Tom Hall Director of Administration
Tom Yost Plant Manager
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Jack Jackson (Aug. 30, 1923 – Jan. 28, 2016)

The staff of American Laboratories, Inc., extends our condolences to the family of Jack E. Jackson, co-founder and instrumental visionary for the fundamentals of American Laboratories prior to our inception on Feb. 27, 1967.

Sadly, Jack passed away Jan. 28 in Omaha. He is survived by son Jeff (Heidi Donner) Jackson, and daughters Susie (Sam) Costanzo and Betsy (Steve) Klemme; 8 grandchildren; and 15 great-grandchildren.

Jack served as the chief executive officer of American Laboratories until retiring in 1992 and turning leadership of the company over to his son, Jeff.

He was a member of the Tangier Shrine and Church of the Cross. He was also a race horse owner and breeder.

Jack’s vision helped build American Laboratories, Inc. from our humble beginnings into the company that we are today, and he guided us into being a leader of the Enzyme and Protein marketplace. His determination and strong business ethics are also instilled within our corporate culture and character that our employees possess.

A memorial service will be held Sunday, Jan. 31, in Omaha. Private interment is at Evergreen Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials are suggested to the Tangier Shrine Transportation Fund. Crosby Burket Swanson Golden Colonial Chapel handled arrangements.

Jack Jackson Photo

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American Laboratories, Inc. Obtains Halal Certification

November 19, 2014 – American Laboratories, Inc. (ALI) of Omaha, NE, a manufacturer of Pancreatin, Pepsin, Flavors and Proteins has obtained Halal Certification for over 20 Enzyme products including, but not limited to: Papain 35 TU/mg, Lactase 1000 ALU/g and Amylase 100,000 SKB/g. The Halal Certification was issued by the Islamic Information Center of America (IICA). The Halal status and seal ensure that all products certified are manufactured at a specific location that is free of any ingredients that are forbidden according to Sharia or Islamic dietary laws. ALI looks forward to better serving its customers by adding this certification. For a full list of the products that are Halal certified, please see below.

Products with Halal Certification:
Papain 35 TU/mg
Enzyme Blend #6352
Invertase 10,000 Sumner/g
ALI-Zyme EB 060711-02
EB 07222014-1
Amylase 5000 SKB/g
Lactase 1000 ALU/g
Amylase 30,000 SKB/g
Lactase 100,000 ALU/g
Protease 5000 HUT/g
Amylase 140,000 SKB/g
Protease 500,000 HUT/g
APLC Digestive Blend
Cellulase 1000 CU/g
Amylase 100,000 SKB/g
Lipase (RO) 1000 FIP/g
Fungal PAL Enzyme Powder
Cellulase 120,000 CU/g
Lipase (RO) 5000 FIP/g
JDF203 Blend
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 American Laboratories, Inc. Implementing Phase II of Quality Management System

September 10, 2014 – American Laboratories, Inc. (ALI) of Omaha, NE, a manufacturer of Pancreatin, Pepsin and Proteins is celebrating two years with the quality management system MasterControl and is announcing the implementation of Phase II of the system that will include Quality Events Management.

MasterControl is used by hundreds of companies worldwide to facilitate compliance management by automating and managing document and change control, training management, audits, corrective/preventative actions (CAPA), customer complaints, nonconformance disposition, deviation handling and other GxP processes critical to regulatory compliance. ALI has been using MasterControl Training™ and MasterControl Documents™ over the past two years and according to Tom Langdon, ALI’s Vice President of Quality Assurance, MasterControl  “…has vastly improved efficiency in both areas and ALI has also benefited from a huge savings in time spent. Our customers and auditors are impressed with our ability to quickly show documentation of training as well as our Standard Operating Procedures and other cGMP related documents.” MasterControl has also assisted ALI from a regulatory perspective by providing templates in the validation of the software to meet FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 requirements on electronic signatures and computer system validation.

Phase II, implementation of MasterControl’s Quality Events Management module, is the latest undertaking as part of ALI’s ongoing continuous improvement efforts. The ability to have a fully electronic system for deviations, complaints and CAPAs initially will improve the ease and timeliness in completing these tasks. Eventually modules for Change Control and Nonconformance will further ALI’s quality systems.

ALI has a team dedicated to MasterControl including Marsha Hoffman – System Administrator, Jamie Deloske – System Administrator for Documents and Training and Michael Foreman – System Administrator for Quality Events Management.  American Laboratories, with the assistance of these three key employees, has recognized that quick access to information is a critical need to all businesses and looks forward to having MasterControl assist with the future growth and efficiency of ALI.

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American Laboratories, Inc. Once Again Granted Approval for Exports to the European Union

ALI will continue to export to the EU as granted by the USDA APHIS. 

Omaha, NE July 28, 2014:  American Laboratories, Inc. (ALI), headquartered in Omaha, NE, has applied for and once again been granted approval to ship various manufactured items (i.e. enzymes, diagnostics, liver products and peptone hydrolysates) to the European Union (EU) countries.

The EU has in place specific import regulations (EC 142/2011) that manufacturers of animal-based products must meet. To be approved for exporting to the EU, ALI was required to complete a full application and provide many supporting documents that were reviewed by the local USDA APHIS Veterinary Service Office.  USDA APHIS personnel then inspected all facilities, processes and quality systems in place to verify that they meet EU requirements.  EU Approvals must be reviewed and renewed on an annual basis.

ALI continues to manufacture products for the human food, nutrition, veterinary, diagnostic, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.  American Laboratories, Inc. is confident that these approvals will help ALI remain a strong global company.

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American Laboratories, Inc. Vice President Selected to Serve on a Second USP Expert Panel

Thomas Langdon, Vice President of Quality Assurance and 21 year veteran at American Laboratories, Inc. (ALI), Omaha, NE, has been selected by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) to serve on the Use of Enzymes in the Dissolution Testing of Gelatin Capsules Expert Panel, formed in late 2011. Langdon’s membership on this new panel, is in addition to his continuous work since March 2008 on the Pharmaceutical Enzymatic Preparations Expert Panel.

Expert Panels are formed to supplement the knowledge of the Expert Committees which, along with the USP Council of Experts, are responsible for setting the specific USP standards for medicines, foods and dietary supplements that appear in the United States Pharmacopeia and the National Formulary (USP–NF), the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC); as well as other related publications.

The Use of Enzymes in the Dissolution Testing of Gelatin Capsules Expert Panel serves a primary purpose of revising the Dissolution chapter 711 of the United States Pharmacopeia. Langdon was specifically selected for this panel to provide insight on how enzymes can assist in dissolution testing.

The Pharmaceutical Enzymatic Preparations Expert Panel that Langdon has served on for the past four years was developed to assist in the revision of the monographs for Pancreatin and Pancrelipase in addition to other enzymes. Furthermore, Langdon was chosen as a workshop presenter on Pepsin Method and Unit Harmonization in 2009. For more information on that initiative and presentation, contact ALI at

American Laboratories, Inc. has been working with the USP for several years, beginning as a collaborative testing laboratory for enzyme Reference Standard (RS) candidates.  American Laboratories has also donated bulk materials to USP for replacement of established Reference Standards, new Reference Standards and enzyme testing substrate materials.  ALI’s work with USP has also included review and comment on test and monograph revisions while ALI chemists work with the USP laboratory staff on enzyme testing in the ALI laboratories as well as at USP.

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