Food Processing

The Enzymes that American Laboratories manufacturers can often be found in a variety of food products. An Enzyme is a protein that catalyzes or speeds up a biochemical reaction. Enzymes can be Plant, Animal, Microbial or Fungal derived. Fungal Enzymes are produced via Microbiological Fermentation and are very specific in function and pH/temperature range. Fungal Enzymes can be blended together to make a broad range enzyme product. The two types of Plant Enzymes we offer are Bromelain and Papain, which are Protease Enzymes derived from Pineapples and Papayas respectively. Animal Derived Enzymes consist of Pancreatin and Pepsin enzymes which are primarily used in the Food industries for flavor modification. Key industries that can benefit by using Enzymes are: Baking, Beverages (Beer, Wine, Juice), Meat Tenderizing, Milk Protein, Cheese and Hydrolyzed Proteins. For more information on specific enzymes that could benefit your segment of the Food Industry, click here.