Job: Production Technician

Title Production Technician
Categories Production
Job Information

The responsibilities of the Production Technician may include:

-Working in the manufacturing facility or production group assigned by supervision or management

-Shipping, receiving or transferring of products, materials or components to be used, stored or sold by American Laboratories Inc.

-Assembly, operation and cleaning of process equipment which may include: grinders, tanks, pumps, filters, evaporators, agitators, solvent recovery systems, scales, dryers, fat extractors and any other equipment used in manufacturing processes

-Operation of test equipment such as: pH meter, caliper, thermometer, refractometers, hydrometers and others.

-Maintaining of work areas in clean and orderly fashion.

-Maintaining equipment (minor repairs).

-Follow Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

-Follow Good Documentation Practices including records on Manufacturing Instructions and cleaning records.

-Assist Plant Supervisor, Production Supervisor, Production Staff and Quality Assurance in troubleshooting and determining root cause of process deviations.

-Assist Technical Services on process improvement and product development projects as assigned by supervisor.

-Follow Safety SOPs and provide recommendations to the Safety Committee when appropriate.

-Request repairs to equipment from supervisor and/or maintenance as needed.


Physical requirements may include:

-Working with enzyme products (both wet and dry).

-Occasionally rolling or moving drums and portable kettles weighing from 50 – 600 lbs,

-Using material handling equipment such as: barrel carts, dollies, pallet jacks and forklifts.

-Lifting boxes weighing up to 60 lbs for 1 – 4 hours daily.

-Bending, twisting and lifting material out of drums and boxes.

-Working with and handling various Hazardous Chemicals.

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