ALI Obtains Halal Certification

American Laboratories, Inc. Obtains Halal Certification

November 19, 2014 – American Laboratories, Inc. (ALI) of Omaha, NE, a manufacturer of Pancreatin, Pepsin, Flavors and Proteins has obtained Halal Certification for over 20 Enzyme products including, but not limited to: Papain 35 TU/mg, Lactase 1000 ALU/g and Amylase 100,000 SKB/g. The Halal Certification was issued by the Islamic Information Center of America (IICA). The Halal status and seal ensure that all products certified are manufactured at a specific location that is free of any ingredients that are forbidden according to Sharia or Islamic dietary laws. ALI looks forward to better serving its customers by adding this certification. For a full list of the products that are Halal certified, please see below.

Products with Halal Certification:
Papain 35 TU/mg
Enzyme Blend #6352
Invertase 10,000 Sumner/g
ALI-Zyme EB 060711-02
EB 07222014-1
Amylase 5000 SKB/g
Lactase 1000 ALU/g
Amylase 30,000 SKB/g
Lactase 100,000 ALU/g
Protease 5000 HUT/g
Amylase 140,000 SKB/g
Protease 500,000 HUT/g
APLC Digestive Blend
Cellulase 1000 CU/g
Amylase 100,000 SKB/g
Lipase (RO) 1000 FIP/g
Fungal PAL Enzyme Powder
Cellulase 120,000 CU/g
Lipase (RO) 5000 FIP/g
JDF203 Blend